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Taliban in Afghanistan: Is 'Demand for Sanctions' on Pakistan a wake-up call in US Senate?

US officials review the role of state and non-state actors supporting the Taliban, including Pakistan, between 2001 and 2020, and provide the Taliban with safe havens, financial and intelligence support, medical equipment, training. And include technical or strategic guidance.

It is also important to look at how much support the Taliban received from state and non-state actors, including the government of Pakistan, in this operation in 2021, which resulted in the overthrow of the government of Afghanistan. How did I help the Taliban operation against the resistance forces in the Panjshir Valley?

The demands were made in a bill in the US Senate on Tuesday called the Afghanistan Counter-Terrorism, Oversight and Accountability Act, and the US administration was asked to submit a "first report in 180 days" after investigating the matter. ۔

Who introduced this bill and what else is in it?

Republican Sen. Jim Rishk, along with 22 fellow senators, introduced the bill to review the Biden administration's "hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan" and the problems it poses. I also called for a ban on the Afghan Taliban and their supporting governments, especially Pakistan.

The draft also calls on the State Department to set up a task force to expel US citizens from Afghanistan and holders of Afghan special immigrant visas.

The bill also calls for the fight against the Taliban and the return of American equipment and weapons to the Taliban.

The most important component of the bill is the demand for a ban on elements accused of providing support to the Taliban, including foreign governments, and Pakistan in particular.

The U.S. Senate currently has the same number of Democratic and Republican senators (both 50, 50 members) and Vice President Kamala Harris's final decision in the absence of a majority to introduce and pass a bill. The vote will be used.

In a statement on the bill, Senator Jim Rishk said the United States was again at risk from the Taliban and expressed hope that it would be able to help those in Afghanistan as soon as possible. I still exist and will be able to protect American interests with the help of this bill.

'Pakistan is being punished for being US ally in War on Terror'

After the details of the bill came to light, Pakistan's Federal Minister Shirin Mazari, in a series of tweets on Twitter, expressed outrage and said that despite sacrificing 80,000 lives, Pakistan was being blamed. Pakistan has never had a war.

In his tweet, Mazari said that Pakistan was being punished for being an ally of the United States in the "War on Terror" even though "the United States and NATO have not established a stable government in Afghanistan after 20 years."

He raised the question in his tweet that where did the امداد 2 trillion aid from the United States go?

He also asked, "How did the Afghan army end so quickly?" Who demanded Pakistan to release Taliban leadership? Who signed the agreement with the Taliban in Doha and who hosted them in Washington DC?

"Enough is enough," Mazari said, adding that the powers that be in Afghanistan should look into their own pockets instead of blaming Pakistan.

Is this bill really a wake-up call for Pakistan?

Commenting on the bill, Kamran Bukhari, director of the think tank New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy in Washington DC, told the BBC that in his view, the bill was presented in the context of America's own local politics. And the Republican Party is thinking of a midterm election next year.

Secondly, there are only 22 members in support of the bill at the moment and it is not possible to say how many more members of the Republican Party will support it and because the bill is so vague, it cannot be said that it will go ahead. What will happen and when? '

Journalist and analyst Sir Almeida also told the BBC about the bill that there is no doubt that aggressive and negative perceptions of Pakistan have been on the minds of those working on foreign policy in the United States since 9/11. But all US governments since then have understood the importance of Pakistan.

Talking about this, Kamran Bukhari also said that he did not think that the US government would put too much pressure on Pakistan but at the same time he said that it is very possible that the administration would use this bill as a reason to give Pakistan its own will. Can force you to act accordingly.

"The Biden administration may say, 'Look, this is a bill introduced by the Republican Party and we have nothing to do with it, but you tell us what you can give, so that we can stop this bill with its help.'

On the other hand, Sir Almeida said that Pakistan and the United States have been together for two decades, but now that the United States considers China as its rival and has not yet extended a friendly hand to Pakistan, the two countries The future of the relationship looks uncertain.

Are the allegations against Pakistan in this bill based on exaggeration or are they true?

Since the advent of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, Pakistan has called on the international community to give the Taliban a "chance." Prime Minister Imran Khan recently said in Dushanbe that he had begun talks with the Taliban to include the Tajik, Hazara and Uzbek communities in the Afghan government for the sake of a representative government of all groups.

Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has repeatedly said since the Taliban took control of Kabul that the Taliban government should be given time.

Recently, he said, "The international community should give the Taliban time and resources. Hopefully, the Taliban will keep their promises." Can't force a decision.

Talking about the relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban and the reality in them, Sir Almeida said that there was no doubt that the Taliban would not have been able to achieve such a long success without Pakistan's help and support.

But here it is important to remember why Pakistan helped the Taliban. Pakistan used the Taliban to thwart India's influence on Afghan soil because it did not want the region's Pashtuns to be inclined towards nationalism.

Sir Almeida also believes that the PTI government and its leaders should be careful not to react emotionally.

"Think of the Pakistani people and don't say everything on Twitter that gives Pakistan's rivals a chance to criticize Pakistan."

On the question of Pakistan-Taliban relations and support, Kamran Bukhari said that he considered the allegations made in the bill regarding Panjshir as ridiculous, but on the other hand, he also said that Pakistan's support to the Taliban and Security is not an exaggeration, as Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid himself has acknowledged.

He said it was Pakistan's fault that they did not put so much pressure on the Taliban when they should have done so and when they could.

For Pakistan, it is just a figment of imagination. They had many opportunities to take concrete action against the Taliban. On the one hand, the head of the Pakistani army and the head of the ISI say that the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban are two sides of the same coin, but on the other hand, the ground situation contradicts this policy. On the part of Pakistan, we have seen a lack of leadership, a lack of courage.



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