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Social Media And Blind Imitation

Lifting each other's turbans, questioning honors and character assassination have become commonplace on social media these days.

As soon as the screen comes in front of our eyes and we put our hands on the keyboard, we consider every problem as a nail and take a hammer in our hand. Then the emotion is so high that they don't even think about it. Not even seeing which character is being assassinated in front. The video, photo, or news that is being shared is either real or someone has made a fake post.

The storm of insults arises in such a way that even the most serious and educated people start contributing to it and start discussing it. They start giving their opinion on this and criticize the said person or organization with their bare hands.

We do not know what is the economic, social, and moral deprivation that we are suffering from and intolerance is growing day by day.

On the other hand, our YouTubers do not hesitate to upload anything to increase their views. They don't care if the news is false or true. What effect will such sensationalism have on one's home or private life? They just want to increase the views of their channel.

I will not comment on videos of politicians going viral. All I can say is that if someone has committed a sin, do not publicize it, let it be covered up. Don't embarrass him in front of people. Because everyone has flaws. Then on the Day of Judgment, how can you expect Sattar Al-Ayyub to cover your sins?

Yes, if someone has committed a crime, give evidence to the relevant agencies. Strive for legal action against him so that no one else will fall prey to the lust of another innocent or compelled beast tomorrow.

It is often seen that a news item that becomes a hot topic is later rumored. A few months ago, a picture of Barish Sahib went viral with the caption, "So-and-so Mufti of Lahore has remarried his younger student." There were comments on this for several days, later it was found out that he is not a mufti or a cleric but a property dealer or builder and is living abroad.

In addition, dance videos of an Indian actress and her family started being shared saying that she is a senior official of NAB Sindh.

Maulana Tariq Jameel also had to face some similar problems. When he started his own brand "MTJ", everyone sat down with an armband that was selling such an expensive armband. ۔ Later they had to explain that we have not closed our stores. And nowadays Maulana is on target again. Yesterday I saw one of his tweets on Twitter in which he explained that there is no truth in my second wife and the fight with the first. Some people are lying to increase their views and subscribers. May Allah show them the right path.

Let's make it short. The purpose of saying and requesting you to take care of God. Before you take a single step, make sure you are not falling into a swamp. There are all kinds of people on social media. Various conspiracies are hatched to achieve their goals and the situation is aggravated. Nowadays, people take photos and videos into something by video editing and photoshop. Instead of falling prey to such propaganda, save yourself and get out. In Surah Al-Hujurat of the Holy Qur'an also, Allah Almighty has ordered the investigation of such unverified news to avoid any harm. Make social media a source of information. Have fun and enjoy it. Don't raise your blood pressure unnecessarily.

And yes, instead of eggplants growing on plants, if you see white eggplants on oxen and the video shows you breaking them, then they are eggs growing in the fields. Then you start sharing them by saying Subhan Allah, so now you need to get a test of your intellect from somewhere.

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Muhammad Naeem

The blogger is a columnist and a member of the Karachi Union of Journalists. He is working as a sub-editor in Karachi Updates and wants change through blogs. Contact @naeemtabssum on Twitter



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