Not One, Not Two, Not Three ... 6 Star Solar System!

A global team of astronomers has discovered a solar system with about 6 light-years from Earth that has six stars together. This system is called "caster".

This bizarre solar system was discovered some time ago by the TESS space mission, which explored extraterrestrial planets (exoplanets) but contained 6 stars simultaneously. The revelation came on January 12 this year when a team of astronomers from different countries published their research on "".

The study is now even more credible after being approved for publication in The Astronomical Journal.

It should be noted that scientists have not observed any of these stars directly, but have estimated that these fluctuations are only due to a certain pattern of fluctuations in the light reaching the Earth from the direction of the solar system. This is possible when there are 6 stars in the system at once.

Based on its other characteristics, scientists also say that "Castor" is actually a system consisting of three binary (twin) stars. This means that in this system, two stars are orbiting each other in pairs.

Although there is no possibility of a planet in this strange solar system, this is enough to make scientists dizzy.

How did this system come into being? Research is underway to find out. However, it is safe to say that whatever the explanation may be, it could significantly change the way we think about the formation of stars and solar systems.

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