Comments from social media users on the temporary shutdown of Google services

When various popular Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, etc. were temporarily suspended, users started complaining and commenting on social networking websites in Pakistan and around the world.

However, the temporary shutdown lasted between 30 and 40 minutes, after which all services were fully restored.

Judging by the reaction, it was clear that the shutdown had occurred worldwide and affected Gmail, Google Drive, Play Store, Maps, etc. However, Google's most important service, their search engine, was not affected by the shutdown.

Other Google-connected services, such as Google Home, were also affected, with some users saying they were unable to turn on or off their Google Home lights.

Initially, there was no indication on Google's dashboard that their service had been suspended during the shutdown, but later it became clear that something was wrong.

A statement from Google said: "We are aware of this issue and the affected users are currently unable to access Gmail and other services."

However, the company did not say what caused the crash or how it happened. A Google spokesman has not yet commented.

Such shutdowns are rare in Google's services, and the last time this happened was in June 2019, when a few users in the United States were affected.

Reaction On Social Media

"I'm sitting in the dark in my newborn's room because the light in that room is controlled by Google Home," writes user Joe Brown. I have to think a lot ... '

Commenting on the closure, journalist Shehryar Mirza said, "Now that Google is gone, can anyone tell me where to take my life?"

Technology entrepreneur Shakir Hussain questioned that space creatures seem to have finally arrived and that ending Google's services as part of the 87th Generation Warfare on Earth.

Another user, Asad Nasir, citing the recent closure of YouTube in Pakistan, said, "The people of Pakistan are far ahead of the world and they will use daily motion with ease when the whole world is upset."

A user named Zal Elahi wrote just one sentence on this closure that 'Google is also down. The days have come. 

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