How to preserve food for two thousand years?

Covid 19 is said to be the worst era in the world since World War II. Lockdown methods have been adopted around the world to prevent this epidemic, people are trapped in their homes and the outside world is completely closed.

The shutdown has also affected food supplies. In such a situation, people, especially those living away from home or in hostels, had only one recourse to eat ready-made or canned food, but what if this food also went bad?

Experts say that if food is well preserved, then it can be kept healthy for years with all its nutrients.

Any food is spoiled by germs in it. If the bacteria are not allowed to grow in the food then it can be used at any time.

How can food be kept safe?

Man has been trying different recipes for centuries to keep food and drink safe for a long time.

For example, food has been stored by drying, adding salt or sugar, using chemicals or in sealed containers.

Michael Solo, a food expert at University College London, says keeping food dry is the best way to go. Drying food stops the growth of bacteria in it.

Keeping food in an airtight container can also cause many bacteria to thrive in low air. Meat, for example, is damaged by anaerobic bacteria and these germs thrive on low oxygen.

It can also be preserved by adding salt to food, but this method is not very effective. It cannot be used in all kinds of food but it can be dried and salted for a long time.

Even a thick layer of sugar can keep food for a long time.

In fact, pure sugar does not allow any kind of bacteria to grow. That's why candy, chocolate or sweets can last a long time.

But as soon as other things like nuts, milk, or eggs are added to the sugar, the age of the food decreases.

Thousands of years old method

McDonald's Big Mac Burger is probably the only example of the most popular and preserved food in Iceland.

There, the burgers were kept in a glass box that limited the amount of air and added preservatives that did not allow the bacteria to thrive.

They can be kept in supermarkets for a long time. This is why food preservatives are added to these foods that do not allow food to rot.

Sugar Made Tonki is a very popular breakfast and can be used at home for a long time.

What about honey, it can't go bad all the time. It contains almost no water and contains natural preservatives that do not allow bacteria to thrive.

Samples of the world's oldest honey have been found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt and in the tomb of an old man in Georgia. He is 3,000 years old. The way food is stored today is more or less the same as it was thousands of years ago.

By pressing into the ground or placing in ice

High-fat products such as oil, butter, and ghee can also be stored for a long time. Bag butter is a special type of butter with yeast.

In Ireland and Scotland, 4,000-year-old containers of butter have been found buried in swamps.

It is believed that the ancients buried butter or animal fat under certain rules or beliefs. Or it may be that the fat was buried in a swamp to protect it from thieves or to be used for a long time.

It is also said that the older the wine, the better.

The world's oldest wine bottle has been found in an ancient Roman tomb in the German city of Spire.

This bottle is about 1700 years old but the wine in this bottle has not been tasted till today. Also, the oldest bottles of champagne are 200 years old and still taste great.

If the meat is kept at a very low temperature or on the ice, it can be eaten for many days.

The bodies of many large elephants, large animals, have been buried in the snow of the mountains for centuries and their bodies or flesh were in perfect condition when the snow was removed.

They didn't even change color, but as soon as the snow melted, they began to change. However, it is difficult to keep fish on ice for a long time.

Prolonged freezing in the ice causes a number of chemical changes in the fish's muscles that cause it to lose its flavor.

But today is the age of technology so it can be saved for a long time with the help of technology.

Today the world is going through a difficult time but life is still going on.

If a similar situation arises in the future and the supply of fresh food is completely cut off, the stomach can be filled with dried food kept at home or packaged food from any supermarket, even if it has been kept for a long time.

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